"portatemi ad Aggius: e fatemi una capanna in un bosco di sòveri là sul Tummeu Sotza, ch'io veda il golfo e tutto il lido insino alla Maddalena, ch'io sia svegliato ogni alba dal Gallo di Gallura." G. D'Annunzio
"Lu paltì no m'appena Da li me' lochi e da l'amichi cari, Cu aria sirena Anzi palchissu passaria mari"
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AGGIUS e la sua storia
Aggius is one of the antichi centers of the Gallura, to 500 mt above sea level. It has davanti the solid poderoso of the Limbara and, to the shoulders, un' articulated mount crown that render it characteristic and it confers it an only panorama. Heaps graniti to us and tondeggianti hills confer the dominant features to the landscape of its territory. L' original Flat of the Large ones It is known, become in tourist era Goes them of the Moon. Other characteristic of the aggese landscape is the presence of the " Stazzi". They are these characteristic casolari of campaign with annexed stables and ovili.

L' economy
L' economy of Aggius rests on the agricultural-pastorale field, sull' industrial handicraft, on the services, the terziario and sull' handicraft.
A good number of women finds occupation in the handicraft webbing of the carpets. A permanent extension in the Pavilion dell' ISOLA and in MUSEUM ETNOGRAFICO, besides those private ones, in the single laboratories, and un' anniversary during l' organized summer from the PRO-LOCO they allow to sell some
Culture and traditions
Culture and trazizioni With deep roots in the past, Aggius conserve an immense patrimony of traditions and popular culture: legends, proverbi, anecdotes, fiabe. The Patronale festivity in honor of Ours Mrs. of the Rosary and Saint Victoria, to first of October, still has un' appendix all profane one in the so-called one " Festivity of them agghjani" that is of the young people, the bachelors. The processioni and the rituals of the Saint Week are accompanied from the salmodiante song of the Confraternite of the Rosary and Croce Saint and of the better traditional Choruses of the moment

Ad ogni tipo di Rito il suo canto: arioso e solare quello della Domenica delle Palme e dll'incopntro fra il Cristo Risorto e la Madrea Maria, cupo e struggente quello del Miserere e dello Stabat Mater nelle processioni notturne per la visita dei Sepolcri.

The Dance
But where the tradition is maintained it lives is in the Dance and the Song: The first one - to circle or braces - before dell' advent dell' organetto it was animated from various choruses that alternated themselves and animated the dance or in knows them or in occasion of weddings or during the festivities on the sagrati ones of the churches.
Il Canto
The song always has been a moment centers them of religious civil living of a community tied to the agropastorale world. The most practiced it has been always the choral song, entrusted all' agreement of five voices, fused between they. Its origin is mostly religious: on the tones of the Stabat Mater of the Tibi, of the "Miserere" and other songs of the Saint Week and the liturgy of the Church topics of profane content have been grafted, inneggianti backs to the beauty and the virtues of the loved woman, local work of poets and rimatori. Of sure profane origin they are instead the Brunedda, most famous of the aggese song, and the "Disispirati", kind of serenate in honor dell' mistress, from the despertar=svegliare Spanish.
The Speech
The dialetto of Aggius it is the gallurese, speech of Còrsa derivation asserted verosimilmente between 1550 and 1600 nearly nell' entire territory of the Sardinia North turned towards the Corsica, with the sent and vibrated specificity of a eloquio more, of some lessicali forms and with detail phonetic use of Z to the place of the palatale C.

Festival Internazionale Corale di Musica Sacra
2 - 3 - 4 Dicembre 2011
Chiesa del Santo Sepolcro - Cagliari
Venerdì 2 Dicembre - ore 20:30

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